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Best Palces to Visit in Sirsa – knowledge bouquet

Are you looking for best places to visit in sirsa ?

you are in the right place , i have made a list of best places in sirsa today , which will solve your query & Help you Get valueable inforamtion about these palces .

so let’s get right to it. 

1. Tara Baba ki Kutiya Sirsa

Tara baba ki Kutiya is situated at Sirsa on Rania road and it is a very huge gift for the people of Sirsa . It is devotional place , Very peaceful and good place to visit . You can go there with your family and have food and other stuff like an outing or a picnic thing. This place is very beautiful to visit especially in the evening. You can go there with your family and have food and other stuff like an outing or a picnic thing and you can spend time with your family in the garden here.

best palces to visit in sirsa - knowledge bouquet

 Main attraction in Tara Baba ki Kutiya Sirsa

Giant statue of the Lord SHIVA – 108 feet height of Lord Shiva sattue

Samadhi of Saint Shri Baba Tara ji – History about tara baba ji are also written

Artificial cave – The displays are pretty attractive 

best palces to visit in sirsa - knowledge bouquet

2. OHM in Sirsa . 

OHM in sirsa – best palces in sirsa – specially for multi-screen theatre

This is one of best location in City for family outings for enjoyment.

best palces to visit in sirsa - knowledge bouquet

It has a great restaurant , a multi-screen theatre, a banquet hall, great sprawling lawns, games for kids and now a car wash as well. Patanjali & Samsung outlet inside the place.

best palces to visit in sirsa - knowledge bouquet

The multiplex is located on the highway to Fatehabad at 8 kms from Sirsa . the restaurants /games open after 11.00 a.m. &  shows were on at 9.30 a.m.  complex is well maintained with parking facility which is charged .