Amazing and interesting facts of India – Knowledge Bouquet

>DO you know that Chances of white tiger being born are 1 in 10000 and it is found only in India. 😱 >India’s first sound film ❓❔❓ ANSWER IS  Alam Ara .. Do you know  ❓❔❓ India’s first shemale judiciary is the Joita mandal Mukesh Ambani is again richest Asian as China’s Zhong loses $22 billion. Did you … Read more


 World Sleep Day is celebrated every year on the Friday (19 March) preceding the ‘March equinox’ . This day is celebrated to highlight the importance of sleep.   Good sleep is necessary for better health, but a survey has revealed that 100 million people worldwide are struggling with the problem of ‘sleep apnea’. More than … Read more