UGC Recruitment 2021: Govt. Jobs

UGC Recruitment 2021: There is good news for the candidates who are seeking Govt. jobs. University Grants Commission (UGC) has invited applications for the post of Junior Consultants in Distance Education Bureau. Eligible candidates can apply online to these posts only on or before 12 July 2021.  UGC has released the notification for the recruitment […]

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The world is hardly wired for cyber resilience – knowledge bouquet

The world is hardly wired for cyber resilience.   There have been a series of high profile cyber attacks in recent months. The end of 2020 witnessed the ‘SolarWinds’ cyber attackinvolving data breaches across critical wings of the U.S. government like defence, energy and state. Early 2021 witnessed a cyber attack by a Chinese group […]


what happend at G7 summit, objectives & India’s perspective?

G7 Summit अंतर्राष्ट्रीय मुद्रा कोष (IMF) के अनुसार सात सबसे उन्नत अर्थव्यवस्थाओं का एक समूह है। सात देश कनाडा, अमेरिका, ब्रिटेन, फ्रांस, जर्मनी, जापान और इटली हैं।   47th  G7 Summit– 11 और 13 जून, 2021 के बीच आयोजित किया गया था। यह दो वर्षों में आयोजित पहला भौतिक G7 summit शिखर सम्मेलन था और […]

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10 best web series that you Can’t afford to miss

Best web series on Netflix, SonyLiv, ZEE5, Amazon PrimeVideo & YouTube that you Can’t afford to miss. 1. Scam 1992  The Harshad Mehta Story Indian crime drama streaming web series on SonyLIV. Story – Based on 1992 Indian stock market scam committed by many stockbrokers including Harshad Mehta, the series is adapted from journalist Sucheta Dalal and Debashish […]

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What is Fantasy Sports ? Fantasy cricket App So much fun

Fantasy Cricket (Sports) क्याहै? Fantasy Cricket  यह एक ऑनलाइन गेम है जिसमें असली क्रिकेट खिलाड़ियों की एक वर्चुअल टीम बनाई जाती है और अंक इस आधार पर बनाए जाते हैं कि वे खिलाड़ी real-life matches में कैसा प्रदर्शन करते हैं। एक टूर्नामेंट जीतने के लिए, खिलाड़ियों को लीडरबोर्ड पर अधिकतम अंक और उच्चतम रैंक प्राप्त करने […]

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Mid day meal programme – हर बच्चे को ₹ 100 देने का फैसला |

Mid day meal programme  के तहत मिलेगी सहायता  केंद्र ने सरकारी स्कूलोंमें कक्षा 1 से कक्षा 8 तकपढ़ने वाले प्रत्येक बच्चेको लगभग ₹ 100 देने का फैसलाकिया है, जो Mid day meal programme के लाभार्थी हैं। objectives – इसकाउद्देश्य बच्चों के पोषण स्तरकी रक्षा करना और उनकीप्रतिरक्षा सुनिश्चित करना है एकमुश्त भुगतानके रूप में प्रत्यक्षलाभ हस्तांतरण के माध्यम […]

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weekly – daily current affairs 19 – 26 May 2021

Weekly 19 – 26 May 2021 current affairs  Daily Current affairs – 26 May 2021    Q.1. Which state has set up an SMS-based reminder allocation and information system? Ans. Karnataka   Q.2. Who has been ranked in the most respected Forbes Under 30 Asia list? Ans. MO form   Q.3. Which state government has announced […]

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Investment in Cryptocurrency review : Bitcoin, price, India

Technology has changed the way people work, shop and even pay for goods . Companies and consumers don’t necessarily prefer cash anymore and this behaviour is giving way to contact list payments like Google pay and other digital wallets with a quick wave of smartphones consumers can pay for items at digital registers. New payment […]