Twist the knife in my heart – poem in english

 It’s not long from today  I remember you saying  “You’re worth it all” “ I love you and I always will” “Please don’t ever leave me” Looks like people really do change Why did you leave without an explanation? Now I’m all alone when it was supposed to be us Sometimes the grief doesn’t come … Read more

Second Chance of Friendship – Poem in english

 If there ever comes a day The moon hides itself from your eyesOr if you’re lost in a big oceanI can’t promise to be the light in the darknessOr guide you home.But If you’re ever lost, I’m lost with youI can’t always give the best adviceBut I’ll surely listen to whatever you want to say. … Read more

It was about YOU for me | poem in english

 I always imagined what love would feel like Would it be like how I read and saw in movie?With butterflies and rainbows Everything so perfect with long lasting memoriesSomething super special with just the person who owns your heart.This is all what I imagined until I felt it. After falling in love with you, I could … Read more