Current Affairs 25 FEBRUARY


   Current Affairs  25 FEBRUARY  

     1.Which country launched ‘Green Pass’ for people with  vaccination  certificates ?         

    Ans –  ISRAEL

     2. Who has been launches in the awareness capaign on cyber fraud by RBI ?                                                    

    Ans –  Viruss

     3 . Which country has allowed woman to enter the armed force?

    Ans  – SAUDI ARAB

      4.    Which bank has won the world HRD congress Award ?

    Ans –   Unoin Bank of India

       5.    Which  Indian company has tied up with Norway’s  greenstat for hydrogen fuel ? 

     Ans –   INDIAN OIL 

       6.   Which endangered animal has been sucessfully cloned in the US ?

     Ans –  Black-footed Ferret 

        7.   Which state lauched the First  Digital university in the coutry ? 

      Ans – KERALA

        8.  With which country India has signed agreement for visa facility and leather technology ?

       Ans – Ethiopia 

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