Current Affairs March Series 07

Current Affairs  March Series 07 ( 13 March)


Q.1. Prime Minister Modi will inaugurate the friendship bridge between India and which country?

Ans. Bangladesh

Q.2. Which state government has targeted vaccination of one lakh women?

Ans. Bihar

Q.3. Where is the 14th UN Crime Congress organized?

Ans. Kyoto

Q.4. Where is the two-day Good Festival or Jaugiri Festival organized?

Ans. Lucknow

Q.5. Lakshmi Narayan Bhatt has died, who were they?

Ans. Poet

Q.6. Where is India’s largest kidney dialysis hospital opened?

Ans. Delhi

Q.7. Which medal did PV Sindhu win at the BWF Swiss Open?

Ans. Silver

Q.8. Where is India’s first forest medicine center opened?

Ans. Uttarakhand

Q.9. Which state police has organized All Women Parade?

Ans. Himachal Pradesh

Q.10. Which bank has announced the launch of the mentoring program SmartUp Udyog?

Ans. HDFC Bank

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