April series CURRENT AFFAIRS Current affairs question for upsc - 25 april Daily current affairs | Gk today | for upsc KNOWLEDGE BOUQUET Weekly current affairs Gk today - 25- 29 april 2021

Daily current affairs | Gk today | upsc

Daily current affairs | Gk today |  for upsc  

Daily current affairs | Gk today |  upsc

Today current affairs – 30 april 

Q.1. Who became the brand ambassador of Allstar Trader?

Ans. Monty panesar.

Q.2. Which day is celebrated all over the country on 30 April?

Ans. Ayushman India Day

Q.3. Which country launched the main module for a permanent space station?

Ans. China

Q.4. Which astronaut died recently who was a crew member of the Apollo 1 mission?

 Ans. Michael collins

Q.5. Which famous Hindi songwriter died at the age of 78 due to corona?

Ans. Dr. Kunwar restless

Q.6. Who has been appointed as the judge of Chhattisgarh High Court?

Ans. Vimala Singh Kapoor

Q.7. By what name has Bhojpuri actor Haider Kazmi created his own OTT platform?

Ans. Mastani

Q.8. Who has become the first Indian woman to receive the ‘Wild Innovator Award’?

Ans. Krithi K. Karanth

Q.9. Recently who has been appointed as the Union Finance Secretary?

Ans. TV. Somanathan

Q.10. How much amount has been announced by the Government of India to improve the financial position of ‘IFCI’?

Ans. 200 crores

Q.11. Who has won the “12th Barcelona Open Tennis Tournament”?

Ans. Rafael Nadal

Q.12. Which state has won the “E-Panchayat Award 2021”?

Ans. Uttar Pradesh

Weekly current affairs Gk today    – 25- 29 april 2021

Q.13. The great swimmer of which country the great John Conrais died recently is ?

Ans. Australia

Q.14. Justice Shri Rajesh Bindal has recently taken charge as the Chief Justice of which High Court?

Ans. Kolkata High Court

Q.15. Which film has won the Best Film Award at the ongoing Academy Awards?

Ans. Nomadland

Q.16. National Award winner Vaman Bhonsle passed away, was he?

Ans. film editor

Q.17. Which country lifted the raw material ban for Kovid 19 for India?

Ans. America

Q.18. Who has issued guidelines regarding the tenure of the MDs of the bank, CEOS?

Ans. Reserve Bank of India

Q.19. The Supreme Court has approved the reopening of Vedanta’s oxygen plant in which state?

Ans. Tamil Nadu

Q.20. Is the immediate effect prohibited on the use of liquid oxygen for non-medical purposes?

Ans. central govt.

Q.21. According to the report, what percentage of malaria cases have decreased in the country?

Ans. 84%

Q.22. To help the Chief Minister Relief Fund of which state has it been decided to deduct one day’s salary for all employees?

Ans. Chhattisgarh

Q.23. What percentage of India’s GDP growth has been estimated by SBI Research in FY22?

Ans. 10.4%

Q.24. In which city DRDO has announced to set up COVID Hospital?

Ans. Ahmedabad

Q.25. Which country has declared a three-month state of emergency?

Ans. Japan

Q.26. Which is the recipient country in the first place in the Global Gender Gap Index?

Ans. Iceland (India is 140th)

Daily current affairs | Gk today |  upsc

Q.27. Which two cities of Uttar Pradesh were decided to be converted into “Police Commissionerates”?

Ans. Varanasi and Kanpur

Q.28. How many crores of Nepalese rupees has been provided by India to strengthen Nepal’s road infrastructure?

Ans. 800 Crore Nepalese Rupee

Q.29. Who has been awarded the Saraswati Award for the year 2020?

Ans. Dr. Sharan Kumar Limbale

Q.30 Who is the author of the book “Names of the Women”?

Ans. Jeet Thail‌‌

Q.31. When is United Nations English and Spanish Language Day celebrated?

Ans. 23 April

Q.32. Which state government has recently launched the Covid-19 Yoddha Kalyan Yojana?

Ans. Madhya Pradesh

Q.33. Which Dash has canceled the Belt and Road agreement?

Ans. Australia

Q.34. Who has been appointed as the part-time chairman of HDFC Bank?

Ans. Atanu Chakraborty


Q.35. Recently, Farid Sabri has passed away. Who were they?

Ans. Singer artist

Q.36. Who has recently launched covidggn.com portal?

Ans. Gurugram

Q.37. In which country has the UN Security Council agreed to implement the ceasefire agreement?

Ans. Libya

Q.38. What percent of India’s GDP growth has been estimated by CARE Ratings in FY22?

Ans. 10.2%

Q.39. What is the name of the new digital currency being discovered by the UK?

Ans. BritCoin

Current affairs question for upsc – 24 april

Q.40. Vera Gedrowitz was the first woman military surgeon of which country to be published in Google Doodle?

Ans. Russia

Q.41. When has National Panchayati Raj Day been celebrated recently?

.Ans. 24 April

Q.42. With which country has Israel signed the largest defense procurement agreement?

.Ans. Greece

Daily current affairs | Gk today |  upsc

Q.43. According to the World Meteorological Organization, which gas has reached India from La Sofier volcano eruption?

.Ans. Sulfur dioxide

Q.44. Which country is planning to build its own space station?

.Ans. Russia

Q.45. Recently Kishore Nandalaskar has passed away. Who were they?

.Ans. The actor

Q.46. Recently which country’s Prime Minister has postponed his visit to India?

.Ans. Japan

Q.47. Under whose chairmanship has the RBI constituted a committee to review the work of companies?

.Ans. Sudarshan Sen

Q.48. Who has topped the ongoing energy conversion index 2021?

.Ans. Sweden

Q.49. Which country’s President ‘Idris Debbie’ has died?

.Ans. Republic of Chad

Q.50. On which planet has NASA’s miniature robotic helicopter ‘Ingenuity’ successfully landed?

.Ans. Mars


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