'Diet Revolution' Mission 'Uttam Ahar -Uttam Idea' 'world guru' Aahaar Kranti Facts and Figure welfare and Education Health Ministry launches 'Diet Revolution' mission 2021. KNOWLEDGE BOUQUET

‘Diet Revolution’ Mission – Knowledge Bouquet

Health Ministry launches ‘Diet Revolution’ mission 

Knowledge Bouquet

The Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan has launched a comprehensive campaign, Aahaar Kranti, dedicated to spreading awareness about nutrition. This has been done with the aim of solving such a challenge related to India and the world, the peculiar problem of hunger and diseases in abundance. Studies show that India produces twice as much calories as it consumes.

This campaign presents an initiative to address the paradoxical situation of hunger and malnutrition despite the availability of food by familiarizing people with the traditional nutritious diet of India, the curative powers of local fruits and vegetables, and the qualities of a balanced diet. Vigyan Bharti, Global Indian Scientists and Technocrats Forum, Vigyan Prasar, and Pravasi Bharatiya Academic and Scientific Liaison have jointly started this mission.

Diet revolution mission

Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has launched a new initiative called ‘Aadhar Kranti’ on 13 April 2021.

  • The objective of this initiative is to spread awareness about nutritional food in India.

  • The goal of this mission is ‘Uttam Ahar, Uttam Idea’ which translates as ‘Good Diet, Good Cognition’.

Various reports said , India produces twice as much calories as the amount of calories it consumes. But still, many people in our country do not get nutritious food.

This idea  ‘Diet Revolution’ will focus on removing the problem of hunger and diseases in abundance in India and around the world.

 This initiative will play up the richness and importance of India’s traditional diet, the super natural benefits of local fruits and vegetables, and the healing powers of a balance diet.

 This initiative will set a model for portraying India as a ‘world guru’ in front of the world and to follow India.

Knowledge Bouquet

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