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How to make money online || work from home : 8 Best ways

Work from home , 

How to make money online.

 If you are also thinking about how to earn money online and want to do work from home then this article is for you Here are 8 best ways that will helps you with examples.



There are several websites offering freelance tasks for people with varying skills. All you need to do is to create an account, browse through the listings, and apply for the task that suits you. Best way work from home part time jobs.

Tasks maybe

1.content writing

2.Data entry

3. Video editing

4. photography

How to make money online || work from home : 8 Best ways

Outfiverr.com, upwork.com, freelancer.com, and worknhire.com are some websites that provide freelance jobs. You can earn anywhere between $5 and $100 through these websites.

you will only get paid once you successfully complete the given task and it has been approved by your client. Payment can be on paytm google pay . 

How to make money online

 2.Affiliate marketing

You could opt for how to make money online is affiliate marketing by allowing companies to insert web links on to your site , social media pages and YouTube etc . This is like a symbiotic partnership. When visitors to your site or social media buy products or services by clicking on such links, you earn out from it.

How to make money online || work from home  : 8 Best ways

example : 

make associate account with amazon.com and get affilate products link . These link you can put on your website social media pages. if someone buy product from your link , You will get some % amount from amazon.com

3.Earn Money With an Awesome Blog – Blogging


Blogging you can make good money by creating and posting content, but this competition is very high. But a good content writer can always achieve his goals. Once ready to service the visitors with the relevant content, sign up for Google Adsense, which when appear on your website and clicked on by visitors, help you make money. The more traffic you get on your website, the more will be the potential for higher earnings.

Example . Knowledgebouquet.com

How to make money online

If your goal is to start a blog that makes you money, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose a broad topic like health, finance, relationships, hobbies, or personal growth.
  • Always aim for quality and create the best possible source on any given topic
  • Learn about SEO and how to rank your site in search engines

Start blog through this platforms

Blogger.com (Platform of Google)



How to make money online


4.Sell Products or Services online

 Selling products or services from your website is one of the fastest ways to online money making.

work from home  : 8 Best ways

There are following ways :


  • make your own basic store on online 

*On shopify.com (best easiest platform for online store)

*WordPress website (build a commercial store online)


* Sell or products on amazon.com

Make your account with amazon ( having GST ) and link or add your products .

you can check .. civevi.com for easy example

  •  Resell web hosting

The basic idea of reseller hosting is providing a dedicated server space, which you can use to build your very own web hosting brand. It allows you to:

 Create cPanel-powered web hosting accounts

Set custom resource limits (i.e., disk space, bandwidth)

Conveniently manage all accounts using WHM


 5.Online tuition or Teaching

If you are an expert in a particular subject, you can earn by tuition online. Online teaching provides a means to connect online with students of all ages, across the country .

How to make money online || work from home  : 8 Best ways

You may sign up on websites like For online teaching.




MyPrivateTutor.com ( creat your own name )



How to make money online


 Create a YouTube channel, make videos on particular content and upload it YouTube. As you make your channel popular and the number of subscribers grows, so will your earning potential. The payment one gets is based on every thousand views.

How to make money online


7.Starting your own website

There is adequate material available online to help you put together a website. This includes choosing the domain, templates, layout and the design for your website. There are various platforms for develop a website from wordpess, wix.com etc

Grow your offline business With digital.

How to make money online || work from home  : 8 Best ways

8.Online trading or investment in stock market


Stock exchanges allow investors and traders to make money by providing them a marketplace for trading securities. They also allow companies to raise money by listing different kinds of securities.

Stock market have its golden rule high risk high profit low risk less profit



How to invest in the share market online :

Hire a Stockbroker it can be zerodha.com upstox.com

Open a Demat account and a Trading account with that broker with few amount fee.

PAN number

Bank account , Passport photo

UIN (Unique Identification Number)

Investment strategies to invest   check this 

how to make money online , work from home . 

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