It was about YOU for me | poem in english

 I always imagined what love would feel like

Would it be like how I read and saw in movie?
With butterflies and rainbows

Everything so perfect with long lasting memories
Something super special with just the person who owns your heart.
This is all what I imagined until I felt it.

After falling in love with you, I could feel it in the most simplest of things –
Love felt like room with only the prettiest view,
Garden filled with only the most beautiful flowers,

Watching the pink sky as the sun sets from a beach or seeing it rise from the mountains, It was like coffee with the perfect book to read.
Like finding the most suitable song to jam to, at midnight,
Like a peck on the cheek by the cold breeze,
Like a hand intertwined into mine, stroking my thumb.

Overall, Love was not only about butterflies and rainbows
It was about imperfects moments with acceptance
It was about YOU for me.

– Somya 
It was about YOU for me | poem in english

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