Second Chance of Friendship – Poem in english

 If there ever comes a day

The moon hides itself from your eyes
Or if you’re lost in a big ocean
I can’t promise to be the light in the darkness
Or guide you home.
But If you’re ever lost, I’m lost with you
I can’t always give the best advice
But I’ll surely listen to whatever you want to say.

Looking back to the day we met
It didn’t feel like you’d b this important to me
But it’s life, it’s unpredictable
In a good way or bad
Maybe both, because in my journey.

I met some beautiful souls on an accident and lost them because of my mistakes 
Bad way, not because of my mistakes
but because they are everything to me
I may seem happy when you look at me
But alone, your memories are all I hold.

I want to be surrounded by you want to hear your voice, hear your laugh and see you smile.

All this time, my heart fails to accept that you’re gone. 
That’s why I’m still holding on
Just one chance and that’ll be it
I won’t do mistakes and shit
But rather be chill
How you’d want me to be
Sing and bark
And of course talk a lot
I’ll bring a better version of me
Can I get another chance, please?

-Second Chance of Friendship ✨

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