Top Current Affairs 4 and 5 april – KNOWLEDGE BOUQUET

 Question 1. Where will the Men’s Boxing World Championship be held?

Answer: Uzbekistan

Question 2. Where will India’s largest floating solar power plant be installed?

Answer: Telangana

Question 3. Who has released Dr. Shailendra Joshi’s book Suparipalan?

Answer: M Venkaiah Naidu

Question 4. Which country has held the parliamentary elections for the fourth time in two years?

Answer: Israel

Question 5. Which state government has named Amboli as a biodiversity heritage site?

Answer: Maharashtra

Question 6. Which railway john has become the first fully electrified Indian railway john in India?

North-West Central Railway

Question 7. Which state government has given Rs 693.94 crore to help the farmers?

Answer: Odisha

Question 8. ICICI Bank has partnered with whom to issue FASTags?

Answer – On the phone

Question 9. Which state government has approved the establishment of an Enforcement Directorate to investigate illegal mining?

Answer: Punjab

Q 10. Which medal has Mithun won in South Asian Vrishu Championship?

Answer: Gold

Q.11. Which city has been converted by the Uttar Pradesh Cabinet into a Police Commissionerate?

Ans. Kanpur, Varanasi

Q.12. Where is the ‘India Korean Friendship Park’ inaugurated?

Ans. Delhi

Q.13. Which country has successfully tested the Shaheen-1A missile?

Ans. Pakistan

Q.14. Who has been appointed as the Managing Director and CEO of Mahindra & Mahindra?

Ans. Anish Shah

Q. 15. Who has launched the tribal TB initiative as part of the TB-free India effort?

Ans. Dr. Harshvardhan Singh

Q. 16. Which medal has been won by India’s Paraethlete Singharaj in the 2021 Para Shooting World Cup?

Ans. Gold Medal

Q.17. Which country’s Li Ji Jia has won the All England Badminton Championship?

Ans. Malaysia

Q.18. Who has recently launched ‘Village Ujala Yojana’?

Ans. RK Singh

Q.19. Who has recently started the ‘Catch the Rain Campaign’?

Ans. Narendra Modi

Q 20. Which IIM director Anj Seth has resigned recently?

Ans. Calcutta‌‌ 

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