Twist the knife in my heart – poem in english

 It’s not long from today 

I remember you saying 

“You’re worth it all”

“ I love you and I always will”

“Please don’t ever leave me”

Looks like people really do change

Why did you leave without an explanation?

Now I’m all alone when it was supposed to be us

Sometimes the grief doesn’t come to me 

I go to you, in my head, and hold your hand 

Sometimes, I like to indulge in grief 

But now the reason of my existence seems to be lost 

My ears are craving to hear from you 

Something I’ve been longing to hear from a long time 

But all I receive is something enough to twist the knife already stuck in my heart

“You’re not even worth my hate”

Maybe that’s what I’m worth 

Nothing at all

But thank you for making it seem that I was

Worth of love, worth the fight 

And Worth living all along

-Twist the knife in my heart


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